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Shopify Web Design in Ottawa & Canada

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With a proven web design process that starts with the careful planning and organization of information, NOBL crafts amazing e-commerce experiences that help businesses make money online. From small companies to large enterprises, NOBL creates stunning websites. This will not only help you make money and convert more users but will also show that you are trustworthy as a business and help your company’s digital image and branding. NOBL e-commerce stores are not just based on Shopify's free themes; they are well crafted, well-designed professional reflections of your business and your priorities.

Shopify e-commerce is user-friendly and anyone can setup a store and manage inventory, but design is not a simple process and it shouldn’t be treated as such. NOBL will always analyze the market you belong to and grow your reputation. Audits of your content and URLs are performed, followed by a sitemap and a whole information architecture re-thinking. Understanding the content and inventory of a store is a key aspect of web design.

Why use Shopify for Web Development?

Shopify is NOBL's platform of choice for e-commerce. Nothing compares when talking simplicity, optimization, conversions and design. Some stores that use to make a few sales a month are now selling tens of thousands. Shopify is designed to sell. Although WordPress is a great platform for corporate platform, WooCommerce can be buggy, and WP was not intended to do e-commerce. Shopify, however was created for this exact purpose!

NOBL knows how to use Shopify to optimize your website, so you can get the best possible rankings and more conversions. More users, more traffic and more sales means more money!

Web Design Solutions

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NOBL's approach is to research first, and tackling design second. Designing a great store is all about being user-centric, which means designing by thinking about the user first.

The true measure of a succesful e-commerce experience is when both the owner of the website and the user get exactly what they want. You make money and the user gets his product or service without any friciton. That's what Shopify is all about.

Web Design Services

All Shopify projects include:
• Site audit and information architecture
• Optimized user experience
• Quality design of every necessary template, like the Homepage, a sample inside page, blog templates, etc.
• Responsive Website Design – a design that adapts to every screen

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