About NOBL

My name is Nick Latreille and I am the owner and operator of NOBL. I am also a Web Designer and a Front-end Developer from Ottawa who specializes in corporate WordPress websites and Shopify e-commerce stores, I'm an artist who has a contagious passion for the digital world and my super-powers include the ability to perform well under pressure and deliver high-quality stores that help your business make money! Whether working on a corporate or creative project, I bring my artistic nature to every design for a truly unique touch, as I am always on the lookout for the hottest (and the most functional) design trends. I’m also a proud father of a young girl, Nora, and a toddler, Nellie Grace. In my spare time (if I ever have any), I enjoy painting and working on my many hobbies and collecting crypto-currencies. :)

I am formally trained in print and Web Design, and have a decade of experience in this field and in online marketing (SEO - Search Engine Optimization) and hundreds of successful projects under my belt. My various design-related skills include: Web Design, Shopify e-commerce, HTML, SASS, Branding + Logos, Video Creating and Editing, Illustration, Content Writing + Blogging and more.