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NOBL provides insightful website audits, product planning, and an information architecture review as part of our initial planning strategy. We design and develop beautiful hand-crafted experiences that will allow your users to seamlessly find what they are looking for. With years of SEO experience, NOBL will also help grow your online presence by getting your site seen by search engines like Google.

Let's work together to provide you with the best Shopify design services Canada can offer.

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About NOBL

Nick Latreille, web designer, developer, and founder of NOBL creates both WordPress and Shopify websites. He is passionate about the digital world, and spends his time working with clients and on various projects. He is a talented Shopify expert in Ottawa and his super-powers include the ability to deliver high-quality projects that will help your company make money. Shopify is well optimized for search engines, and Nick knows how to take advantage of the platform so users can find you, and you can convert them into clients!

Shopify Is More Than Just E-commerce

Shopify support is always available

Although this platform is fairly easy to use by any business owner, regardless of their tech knowledge, sometimes it's just better asking for help. Even professionals have tough questions that can't be answered in the forums, but Shopify always comes through. They have a team of gurus - dedicated professional support staff - and they are very quick at answering your questions no matter how difficult. Wether it's via chat, phone or email, the gurus will help you all the way through!

Shopify can handle wholesale

Do you have a store that sells thousands of products and offer different prices for different users? Not to worry! Shopify has a powerful built-in app store that let's you one-click-install tons of cool applications that will simplify running your business, including many wholesale apps!

Shopify helps you manage your inventory

Shopify can handle large inventories easily. With cutting-edge software, it's always evolving and it makes managing your business easier. The platform is very scalable, even for very large stores with massive inventories. 

Shopify helps your SEO

Search Engine Optimization is key to a succesful digital marketing campaign for most businesses. Even if you have the best website, no one will buy from you if they don't know you exist. Shopify has built-in features to optimize every page and every product in your store so that Google and other Search Engines can crawl you and list you. Get ahead of your competitors in the rankings with Shopify!

Shopify keeps you and your business safe

The e-commerce giant has amazing security features that can automatically flag fraudulent transactions. They also employ a team of dedicated professionals who work around the clock to monitor and upgrade the system constantly. 

Lots of payment options

It can be very frustrating to lose a sale or see an abandoned cart because of a lack of payment options. You work very hard for your money and Shopify wants your business to convert users into paying clients. This is why they offer over 70 payment gateways!

Low monthly costs for start-ups

With a partner like NOBL, you can setup a site with no monthly fees, if you are not selling anything. For online stores with products, costs start at just a few dollars a month! For new start-ups with limited funds, Shopify is a no-brainer.

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